Addresse book

Record each contact, create personalized categories, build your tailor-made files.

How it works ?

Each customer file has an address book attached to it where all of the customer’s contacts are recorded. In this way, when a contact calls back a second time, they will be immediately recognized by the system and their file will appear on the screen.

Custom fields

You can completely personalize contact cards. Remove the fields that don't serve you and create your own. You can also select mandatory fields that agents will have to fill in to be able to save the file.

Contact categories

Create contact categories, assign them a color and the next time the contact calls, you will directly identify their category using the color.

Ubicentrex advantages

Within the contact sheet itself, you can find  HISTORY of all actions performed by this person.

Everything is listed: appointments made, messages left, and any other interactions with this contact. This makes it easy to trace what happened with this contact.