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The design of your website calls for a community of precision work. Developers, graphic designers will collaborate in their tasks to create an original, innovative and aesthetic infrastructure.


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application mobile

Web development

 Are you looking for a tailor-made web project development agency in France to set up software, a web application or online platform containing specific needs? In line with new technologies?

Our websites are infallible and bring you qualified customers allowing you to develop your business.

Serveurs informatiques

Web hosting

Hosting means, in the world of computing, the fact of making storage space available to creators of websites on secure servers, so that the websites in question can be accessed on the web.

  • Your accommodation is in you are
  • Personalized powerful servers for a better loading speed of your site



Sécurité web


Cybersecurity is a set of processes, tools and frameworks aimed at protect networks, devices, programs and data cyber attacks. The number of attacks multiply, with the evolution of digital technologies, the increase in the number of devices and users. Individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions likely all from suffering cyberattacks and data breaches.

Administration réseau

Network specialist

Design, experiment and installer efficient network and telecommunications systems.
Management of network infrastructures in order to ensure the fluidity information traffic circulating on a network.

We adapt the network to user needs and technological developments.




Why trust us

Whether you are the CEO of a group of CAC40 or founder of a young startup, our will remains unchanged. Give you an efficient and transparent web service.

Call out Ubicentrex for your future developments, it means choosing the serenity.

All of our customers see each other assigned a developer and a project manager in charge of exchanges and follow-up of your project.

symfony, WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop interface, React, JS, … the Web technologies are numerous and constantly evolving. Our in-house technical team recommend on all the choices with simple and concrete words.


French and international developers at your service

Servers hosted in France and India

Personalized redundant servers, that is, there is a perfect copy of it at a remote site.

Assured cybersecurity, our servers are hosted in Equinix data centers. Our servers are protected from distributed denial of service attacks (DDos) through a process of mitigation