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 Discover our telephony features

Call Scripts

Create precise call scripts using our variable system that adapt to different types of prospects. By choosing the right variables, you can anticipate objections and keep the conversation flowing smoothly

Email campaign

Easily send personalized emails to prospects using customizable templates and tags based on contact information to save time.

 Intelligent predictive dialer

The predictive tool automatically call prospects ahead of time to ensure they answer the phone, increasing productivity and optimizing agent efficiency

IP telephony

You handle hundreds of calls per day. One click to answer the call, another click to transfer it: all your calls are centralized in a clear and user-friendly interface.

Mobile app

Our application includes the key features of the software. View your schedule and that of your colleagues, access supervision tools, and much more!


With our filtering system, you can easily retrieve accurate statistics for a specific day, a specific client, a call group We  implemented numerous filters to ensure that you can find exactly what you’re looking for in a clear and concise manner.

Bring together all your statistics in a comprehensive dashboard that adapts to your every need. Thanks to its drag-and-drop technology,

Embrace our integrated billing solution.

An integrated billing module is seamlessly incorporated, empowering you to invoice your clients directly through our system. Whether you prefer to bill based on call duration, per minute, as a package, or utilizing tiered pricing, our flexible platform allows you to customize each parameter to create a personalized and tailored invoicing experience. With this level of customization, you can ensure that your billing structure aligns perfectly with your unique business model and the needs of your clients.

Monitor your teams

One of the main advantages of statistical supervision is the ability to obtain a real-time overview of key performance indicators. By continuously collecting and analyzing relevant data, businesses can quickly detect trends, fluctuations, and anomalies, enabling them to react proactively. In addition, statistical supervision fosters a culture of accountability and transparency by implementing analytical reporting.

Statistical supervision involves several crucial steps, including data collection, establishing relevant metrics, and visualizing the results. Advanced analytical methods such as regression algorithms and predictive models are utilized to gain deeper insights from the collected data.

What is Click to Call ?

Click to call, also known as click to dial or one-click calling, is a business essential offered by Ubicentrex’s VoIP phone system that connects callers to their destination with the click of a button. Eliminate human error and speed up callbacks with instant outbound calls to any number in your CRM.

A real training tool

New call center agent, new product, or procedural change? Call recording is a powerful training tool that facilitates skill development for teleconferencing agents. Recorded calls are valuable sources of information, allowing you to identify errors, issues in sales pitches, voice intonation, and all aspects of the process that require refinement.

Utilize the dual-listening tool to monitor individual agent performance and ensure overall quality in your call center. Offer effective training and coaching sessions by monitoring conversations in real-time.

Easily access an ongoing call from the real-time dashboard. With a simple click, discreetly listen to the conversation without the client or agent being aware.

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