Call-out scripts

Harmonize call reception with scripts. A script allows you to establish a list of questions to ask and information to retrieve. The telephone advisor only has to follow this framework to collect all the necessary information.

How it works?

A script is like an algorithm. We define all the possible questions in advance, and we then prepare the answers to be given based on each question. When the telephone agent answers a call, the script instantly appears on the screen. All he has to do is fill in the caller’s responses and the script will adapt accordingly to always present the relevant information.

Customization by customer

The scripts are a succession of steps that are displayed according to the caller's requests. You can create as many scripts as necessary to adapt to each client and anticipate all scenarios.

Saving time and efficiency

Scripts allow call center agents to not forget any important questions and to respect a predefined dialogue. In this way, you increase the productivity of your center.

Complex scenarios

Scripts can contain several hundred steps. The visual script creation interface allows you to navigate using arrows and click-and-drag organization.

Integration with other tools

The scripts work in harmony with the rest of the Ubicentrex tools: calendars, messaging, organization charts, etc. Your scripts can be designed to help your call center agents take messages by filling them with all the relevant information. All in the same interface.

Ubicentrex advantages

You can configure as many messages as you want for the same appointment. Let’s take the example of an appointment made 6 months in advance with an ophthalmologist.

1. A confirmation email is sent when the appointment is made to confirm to the contact that their appointment has been taken into account.
2. An SMS is sent a week in advance and another the day before the appointment to ensure that the contact does not forget to show up.
3. An email is sent two days after the appointment containing a link to a satisfaction survey.