Mailing campaign

Our solution provides you with numerous contact methods. Direct messaging, fax, phone call etc. Here we will focus on emails.

How it works ?

To simplify sending email campaigns, you can create email templates. The main benefit is to save time for your operators.
In addition, templates allow you to standardize your company’s message.
The email templates are customizable and can be personal thanks to the use of tags which search for information directly in the contact sheet.

Importing your prospect files

Importing your prospect files to Ubicentrex is child's play. The files must nevertheless meet certain criteria:

  • The file must be in CSV format.
  • The number of prospects per file is limited to 150 lines.

Please note: The number of prospects per campaign is unlimited.

Saving time and efficiency

Once your file is imported, the software automatically identifies the different fields filled in.

A large number of fields are available to you:

  • Identification information (last name, first name, title, etc.)
  • Contact information (address, telephone number, Email etc.)
  • Usage information (RIB, IBAN, activity label, etc.)

Ubicentrex advantages

  • With our all-in-one solution, there is no need to combine multiple platforms.
  • Your mailing and call campaigns are linked and communicate information to each other.
  • Personalize your shipping email address to harmonize your email communication.