Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)

Type 1, type 2...

“To be put in touch with the sales department: type 1; To contact our technical support service: type 2…”.

When your call center receives an incoming call, the Interactive Voice Server is automatically activated and speaks the different proposals that you have previously prepared.


What is an IVR ?

IVR for Interactive Voice Response Systems are automated telephone systems that allow callers to interact with a computer using keypad keys.

Although businesses often have a negative perception of automated reception systems due to their impersonal and cold image, a well-configured Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is actually a essential functionality for a call center effective. They provide timely and responsive support, improving the overall customer experience. If you’re looking to improve your call center, consider integrating an IVR to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Your IVR in total autonomy, in a few minutes

Set up a IVR offers many advantages for businesses, but many are still hesitant to take the plunge. Some consider the setup to be complex, but there are now simple solutionss.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your call center, consider integrating an IVR to provide continued support to your customers and improve the overall experience. The Ubicentrex IVR solution has been designed to provide a simple and accessible service to all, thanks to the drag&drop system, creation is done in a few minutes.

  • Determine your business needs: Identify why you want to create an IVR and determine what features and options you want to include.
  • Design your IVR: Use an IVR design tool to create the structure of your system. This involves setting menus, voice messages, call forwarding options and other features.
  • Configure your IVR: you can configure your system according to your needs. This may include personalizing voice messages, integrating with other systems, and defining call routing rules.
  • Test your IVR: Before you launch your IVR, test it to make sure it works properly and meets the needs of your business and customers.

Advantages of an Interactive Voice Response

  • Service always available Using an interactive voice server allows your customers to reach you 24/24. Even outside opening hours, customers will be able to leave you a message or record a call-back request.
  • Satisfaction surveys Use an IVR design tool to create an interactive satisfaction survey. You can include open and closed questions, options for multiple response and voice instructions to guide your customers. Launch your satisfaction survey: once you have created and tested your survey, you can launch it by making it available to your customers via your IVR.
  • Collect responses from your customers and analyze the results to identify trends and areas for improvement. Use this information to improve the overall customer experience and to adjust your customer service strategy.

Automate inquiry calls

This system allows callers to receive basic information using pre-recorded responses, without the need to speak to an operator. This not only saves time, but also reduce labor costs.

An IVR can be programmed to answer common questions such as opening hours, addresses, phone numbers, directions, prices, etc. When a call is received, the interactive voice system provides a quick and accurate response to the caller 24 hours a day. 24 and 7 days a week.

For example: an online sales company can configure its system to give information on order status, returns and refunds. Likewise, a transport company can configure its system to provide information on the departure and arrival times of flights or trains.

Interactive voice system with global reach

With an international IVR, businesses can extend their reach beyond national borders and offer a superior customer service to their customers around the world. An international Interactive Voice Server can be programmed to answer calls in different languages ​​and direct callers to the right department or agent.

This can be particularly useful for businesses that have customers overseas or operate in multilingual markets. This allows callers to be attended to quickly and efficiently, helping to improve their customer experience.

Statistical monitoring of your Interactive Voice Server

Getting real-time statistical data is crucial. This is where Interactive Voice System (IVR) statistical monitoring comes in. This feature provides real-time visibility into incoming calls, allowing managers to track, analyze and optimize performance.

  •  Sort calls based on choices carried out by callers when interacting with the IVR. This provides valuable insight into customer preferences and needs. For example: managers can identify the most selected options, the most frequent call paths, or the choices that result in the most abandoned calls. This data helps make informed decisions to improve customer experience and optimize IVR performance.
  • Filter calls based on callers. This feature is especially useful for call centers that deal with recurring customers or specific accounts. Managers can track previous interactions, call histories and caller preferences, to provide personalized service.

Simplify creation with Text to Speech


Our solution of vocal synthesis allows you to instantly convert text to voice speech natural and fluid. With our advanced technology, you can create personalized and engaging voice messages for your interactive voice servers, without the need to manually record each sentence.

Thanks to Text To Speech, you benefit from total flexibility in design of your interactive voice server. You can easily adjust the voice and language of the speech, to perfectly match your company image and provide an optimal user experience.

Save precious time in the creation of your interactive voice servers. No more searching for professional voices, planning recordings and laborious editing. Our all-in-one solution simplifies the process and allows you to set up your voice server quickly and efficiently.

Don’t wait any longer, choose our solution IVR and offer your customers an unforgettable voice experience!