Multi-channel messaging

Communicate with your customer via internal messaging, email or premium SMS.

How it works?

The Ubicentrex calendar has a multitude of features dedicated to simplifying use for demanding professions such as call centers, doctors, lawyers, etc.

Sending by internal message, SMS, email, fax, etc.

Ubi messaging has been designed to be multi-channel. The goal is to get the message across, you are free to use the most appropriate channel.


All messages sent and received on Ubicentrex are recorded. In this way, you can easily find one thanks to the powerful search filters.

Acknowledgment of receipt

All sent SMS and emails will be visible in the interface accompanied by a tooltip specifying whether the message was received or not.

Ubicentrex advantages

All messages sent from Ubicentrex, regardless of the media used (message, SMS, email, fax, etc.) are centralized in the same place.

If a client only wants to receive and respond to emails, their secretariat will be able to find all the centralized messages in their messaging system, without needing to use another tool.