Shared calendar

A completely modular calendar updated in real time.

How it works ?

The Ubicentrex calendar has a multitude of features dedicated to simplifying use for demanding professions such as call centers, doctors, lawyers, etc.

Completely customizable

Many options allow you to personalize the diaries. The colors, the 1 day or 5 day view, the multi-diary…

Availability search

Thanks to the color code, follow at a glance the filling rate of the diary over the coming weeks and use the search tools to directly find the first availability in a specific slot

Traceability of operations

Many people have to work on the same agenda: the telesecretariat, the doctor, his secretary on site, his colleague in the same office, etc. To ensure quality monitoring, all actions carried out on the agenda keep track of their author.

Ubicentrex advantage

Two reading levels:

The Ubicentrex diary can be read on two levels. Firstly, there are slots which are time slots symbolized by colored side bars on the calendar.

On a slot, we can make appointments that have reasons.

In this way, in the “Home Visits” slot, you can make several appointments. One for long visits, the other for short visits, for example