Simplify the daily management of your business thanks to statistics

 Statistical supervision is an essential pillar of any performance-driven business. Indeed, supervision and statistical monitoring make it possible to identify elements requiring improvement. 



One of the main bespoke is the ability to get a real-time overview of key performance. By continuously collecting and analyzing relevant data, businesses can quickly detect trends, fluctuations and anomalies, allowing them to respond proactively. Furthermore, the statistical supervision promotes a culture of accountability and transparency by putting in place analytical reports.

Manage your activity in real time

Vision of the overall activity

Track your call center activity by real time thanks to supervision (Calls in progress, lost calls, number of advisors connected)

Monitoring individual performances

Monitor and support your teams towards achieving objectives with individual performance monitoring, double listening and whispering to advise your employees

Simplified internal communication

Stay in touch with your teams even at different locations, make calls and send messages internal directly from supervision

A complete and modular statistical module

A powerful and relevant filter system

Thanks to our filter system, find precise statistics, over a day, for a specific customer, a call group or even a company. Numerous filters are available to allow you to find what you are looking for in a clear and concise way.

From the call history you can:

  • Call back a number
  • Replay a call
  • Download audio recordings
  • Download in CSV format

From the SMS, Fax and email history:

  • Thanks to SFPT tracking, transfer your documents directly to your servers.

The statistical dashboard that suits you

Mediafixer statistical dashboards allow essential information to be presented in a synthetic manner and thus facilitate decision-making based on analytical data. By using advanced statistical analysis techniques, it is possible to deeply explore data and gain valuable insights to improve processes and outcomes.

Sharing has never been so easy

Create comprehensive statistical reports and share them with all your teams. All Ubicentrex statistics can be exported in CSV, HTML and PDF.

Only display what matters to you!

With our statistics creation system we offer you the possibility of personalizing the module as you wish. Simple and intuitive, create your tailor-made statistics in just a few clicks.

Want to view the number of incoming calls every 10 minutes? Sort it by advisor? It’s possible ! Tables, very little for you, so export them as a pie or bar chart.

Bring together all your statistics in a summary dashboard which also adapts to your every need. Thanks to its drag&drop technology, move, add or delete any graphic in 1 click.