The white label, an opportunity to improve your service offer

Looking to develop your business and to offer new products to your customers without investing in costly and tedious developments? Look no further, our white label solution is here to meet your needs!


The white label, what is it?

In marketing, a white label is a product or service created by one company but sold under the brand of another company. It allows you to market a product or service without having to create it.

Example : Do you know who issues the gift vouchers that your company delivers to its employees? No, and it doesn’t matter for the simple reason that the company that takes care of it is not visible. This is the case of Accentiv’, an agency specializing in relational marketing.

Find an example of integration of our white label here

“From design to distribution, we completely disappear behind our client’s brand”

Enrich the user experience with the Ubicentrex white label

Level 1 : The first level allows you to customize email address used to send your e-mails via Ubicentrex. This way, your customers will receive emails from the address of your choice rather than console1@ubicentrex. This option also allows you to integrate your own logo on Ubicentrex, thus improving the visibility of your brand.

Level 2 : The second level includes all the options of the first level (personalization of the e-mail, integration of logo), as well as the possibility of customize url of your website by replacing with your own domain name. This offer also includes an SSL certificate valid for 1 year. By using your own brand name, you can improve your natural reference and give a professional image to your visitors and thereby improve the confidence of your prospects.

Why use white label

It encompasses many advantages for the company selling the white label products. There are 3 major advantages for the distributor.

  • The economic aspect: this can help you to lower the costs development since you won’t have to create a product from scratch.
  • Branding: A white label product allows you to use your own brand on the product or service, which can help differentiate your business in a competitive market.
  • Flexibility: it offers great flexibility, you can customize and adapt the product or service to meet your specific needs and goals, ensuring the best customer experience.
  • Expand your solution catalog: your supplier’s catalog becomes your catalog, it is then up to you to use it as you wish.

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in white labeling? Do not hesitate to contact our sales teams by here  to discuss your needs. Prices are available on request.


No. Ubicentrex will never be mentioned: only your logo and brand will appear.